The structural preservation products are suitable for roof coatings as well as for the repair and maintenance of bituminous sealing surfaces
ESTOL-Flexobit is ideal for producing watertight insulation layers on structural elements that are in contact with the ground, where there is ground moisture and non-pressurised water. Rising moisture is kept back from building parts that do not have basements, from terraces and balconies.


ESTOL-Flexobit is a polymer-modified, thixotropic 1 comp. thick coating with polystyrene.
ESTOL-Flexobit comes ready-to-use.
ESTOL-Flexobit is solvent-free and environmentally friendly.
ESTOL-Flexobit bridges cracks and is highly elastic.
ESTOL-Flexobit is tested in accordance with DIN 18195.


The surface being treated must be stable, clean and mostly dry. Even-out masonry pockets. Pre-treat absorbent surfaces with ESTOL-Primer; enable bitumen residue with ESTOL-Primer for repair work. ESTOL-Flexobit can be applied in one step. A 2-step application is generally recommended. In the 1. step, the material is applied using an 8 mm serrated scraper. After the first layer has dried completely, the 2. coat is applied using a smoothing trowel. The sliding coat used to protect the seal cannot exert any point-shaped stress on the sealing. The processing temperature should be between +5 and +25 °C.


ESTOL-Flexobit is available in 30 kg plastic containers. 18 containers are packed onto one pallet.
ESTOL-Flexobit can be stored for up to six months in a closed container.
ESTOL-Flexobit must be stored in a frost-free environment.
ESTOL-Flexobit must be covered with film after it has been opened.
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